Jan. 30th, 2009

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This morning I got the kids off to school as usual, and then went to empty the dishwasher. The doorbell rang. It was my 8-year-old son, sobbing as if his heart was breaking.

"What is it, Lukas?" I asked, thinking some older kid had said/done something to him and getting ready to kick ass.

"I left my football outside last night, and now it's frozen and it won't bounce any more! It's broken!" And a fresh wave of tears rolled down his face.

"It's not broken, sweetie. It's fine. It will still bounce, I promise." I tried to soothe him, not really understanding what the problem was.

"No it won't! It will explode and now my ball is broken and I can never play football any more!"

At this point I realized what had happened (hey, I hadn't had coffee yet, okay?). I also leave the dog's tennis ball outside overnight, and in this weather it's a frozen ice block in the mornings when I first grab it to take with me to the dog park. Apparently, the same thing had happened to Lukas' football. I would have burst out laughing if he hadn't been so completely distraught. OVER A FOOTBALL.

I did my best to explain what had happened, and to reassure him that the ball would be fine. I don't think he believed me. He made me promise to bring it inside and put it on the radiator to warm up, which I have dutifully done. XD

Poor little guy. I felt bad that he was so upset, but just thinking about a frozen exploding football makes me giggle. At least I'll have some good news for him when he gets out of school. :c)


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