Feb. 18th, 2009

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Still here, sorta. We're having all the floors re-sanded and oiled, so we've been busy since Monday breaking down and/or moving furniture from room to room, or in some cases, the garage. Monday and Tuesday the living room, entry hall, and kitchen/dining room were done, so we were trapped on the top floor for two days without internet or tv or video games. Lukas ducked out early and found a friend with a sympathetic mother who let him hang out all on Monday, and Marissa, poor thing, was sick as a dog and spent most of the day sleeping. I watched Dr. Who on my iTouch, and hubby went nuts. ;c)

Yesterday we were all stuck upstairs together (Marissa is fine now), and I thought the kids were going to explode from boredom. But now the ground floor is dry and this morning we moved our couches and stuff back in, so at least the kids are entertained. Today hopefully both the kids' bedrooms will be done, then tomorrow it's our room and the hobby room, then on Friday the top floor.

Anyway, it's a bit chaotic here as you can imagine, so I haven't even had time to read, let alone post, but at last I have some kind of net access, so I'll try to catch up on the reading.

How've you been? I've missed you guys!


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