Mar. 30th, 2009

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Waaaaaaaaaaaa! What a start to the day!

Some background:

I regularly use my iTouch as an alarm clock these days, mostly because I prefer the sound of bells to a shriek first thing in the morning. :c) The alarm is programmed to only operate Mon-Fri.

Our clocks moved forward this weekend (unlike the US which did this a few weeks ago).


Yesterday I noticed that my iTouch clock had not switched times, so I did it manually.

This morning I woke up to very bright sunlight and glanced over at my iTouch, which told me cheerfully that it was 8:34 in the morning. School starts at 8:30.

I bolted out of bed, swearing and cursing because not only was it late, but why the hell hadn't my alarm gone off? I looked at my husband's clock, and it said 7:34, but I wasn't sure if he had remembered to reset it before he went to bed. The I went back to my iTouch and noticed that it said Sunday instead of Monday. What? What?

Which explained the alarm not going off. But what time was it really? I ran downstairs, pretty sure my feet never touched ground, and checked the one clock I had changed over. 7:35. Whew!

Apparently my iTouch had decided to do the time change last night instead of Saturday night, so it was now an extra hour ahead. I still have no idea why it had the wrong day.

So that's how I woke up - heart pounding, still half-asleep, confused and panicking that my kids were going to be really late for school. Even though it was all resolved nicely, I'm still twitchy and crabby. Grrrrr. Need coffee!
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Here's a neat idea. A four-room cat condo with sleeping area, dining area, litterbox area, and storage for food and sand, all in one unit.

Now all I need is a kitty. For more info, click here.


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