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Yeah, yeah. But I'm tired and stoopid at the moment, so this made me giggle.
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You don't have to be bitten by a radioactive spider. Or be the lone survivor of an alien planet, rocketed to Earth to be mankind's savior. You don't even have to run around in purple pants while smashing things.
All you have to do to get a free comic book Saturday May 3rd is show up at a local shop.

Nearly 2,000 comic book stores across North America and around the world are joining forces to give away millions of comic books absolutely free of charge to customers of all ages, as part of Free Comic Book Day. A celebration of an international art form and the literacy that comics encourage, Free Comic Book Day salutes the medium’s energy, vitality, and boundless creativity. The event also invites new readers to visit their local comic shops and see what comics have to offer.

Many of the retailers participating in Free Comic Book Day will make it an even bigger event by holding complimentary events in their stores, including signings by many of comics’ top writers and artists that allow readers to meet the talents behind some of the medium’s most popular titles.

The official website for the event – www.FreeComicBookDay.com - contains a search function to help readers find a participating store near them, features on the history of comic books in America, recommended reading lists, and a complete catalog of available free titles. The wide variety of comic books offered ensures that readers of all ages – children, teens, and adults – can find something appropriate that will stir their imaginations and encourage them to explore comics on a regular basis.



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