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For my mother, my grandmother, my great-grandmother, and my great-great-grandmother.

And perhaps, someday, for my daughter, too. But not until she's at least 25! ;c)
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Yesterday was ballet day. They've been practicing for their recital in June, so when it's time to pick my daughter up and the end of the lesson, the same music is always playing. I don't know the name of the piece, but it's something flowery, fairy, twinkly, pink and girlie. You know what I mean.

The music ended, there was a brief pause, and suddenly the whole dance hall was blasted with a disco version of "Scotland the Brave" at top volume. Fifteen little girls burst into shrieks and giggles, and began doing a bizarre interpretation of the Highland Fling. Sort of a cross between a hornpipe and Lord of the Dance. The began competing to see who could kick the highest, and more than one of them fell on their backside in the attempt. They were having a grand time.

Sometimes I really miss being a little girl. :c)
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FINALLY got the photos of our boat trip downloaded. So here they are! As always, click to enlarge.

After pulling out of the boatyard, one of the first things we encountered was one of these cliches.

Read more... )

So that was our day. It was long, but mostly relaxing, and I got to see Amsterdam from a completely new vantage point. Not a bad way to spend a warm spring day at all. ;c)
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Yesterday we "helped" my FIL move his new boat from Kortenhoef, where it was docked, to Leimuiden, where he lives. I say "helped" because really we just went along to keep him company and help with the ropes now and again. Kortenhoef is just outside Utrecht, so we got to travel around and through Amsterdam on the way. Lovely and so much fun! The weather was gorgeous and while waiting around for some of the bridges to open was a PITA, it was a very relaxing way to spend the day.

I'll talk more about that and post photos later. Right now I'm still exhausted from last night. We got the boat to Leimuiden, and then FIL drove us back to our car in Kortenhoef. About 10 minutes into the ride home, our car died. Smoke billowing out the back and from under the hood. Dead, dead, dead. :c/

Anyway, by the time we got it off the road, called roadside assistance (on a holiday weekend - JOY!) got the car towed to our mechanic, and then walked the rest of the way home, it was after 10 p.m. We'd left at 8:30 a.m.

Looooooooong-ass day.

So today I'm trying to catch up on household crap, then I'm taking a nap, and tonight hopefully I'll post some photos.

*yawn* 'nite, nite!
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My husband, the birthday boy, is currently baking his new rollerblades in the oven.
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This morning I got the kids off to school as usual, and then went to empty the dishwasher. The doorbell rang. It was my 8-year-old son, sobbing as if his heart was breaking.

"What is it, Lukas?" I asked, thinking some older kid had said/done something to him and getting ready to kick ass.

"I left my football outside last night, and now it's frozen and it won't bounce any more! It's broken!" And a fresh wave of tears rolled down his face.

"It's not broken, sweetie. It's fine. It will still bounce, I promise." I tried to soothe him, not really understanding what the problem was.

"No it won't! It will explode and now my ball is broken and I can never play football any more!"

At this point I realized what had happened (hey, I hadn't had coffee yet, okay?). I also leave the dog's tennis ball outside overnight, and in this weather it's a frozen ice block in the mornings when I first grab it to take with me to the dog park. Apparently, the same thing had happened to Lukas' football. I would have burst out laughing if he hadn't been so completely distraught. OVER A FOOTBALL.

I did my best to explain what had happened, and to reassure him that the ball would be fine. I don't think he believed me. He made me promise to bring it inside and put it on the radiator to warm up, which I have dutifully done. XD

Poor little guy. I felt bad that he was so upset, but just thinking about a frozen exploding football makes me giggle. At least I'll have some good news for him when he gets out of school. :c)
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Ten years ago today, standing by a waterfall amidst a tropical botanical garden on the island of Maui, Fred and I got married.

Yeah, I'd do it all again. :c)
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I took these (very poor quality) videos yesterday while we were messing around on the ice, and I thought I'd share them with my flist. Especially those of you in warmer climes. :c)

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This morning the kids were indulging in their usual round of "let's make mom crazy with our constant bickering" when in a fit of frustration, my daughter yelled "Snotaap!" (snot monkey!) at her brother.

I promptly dissolved into giggles, which did not endear me to my son AT ALL. I had to explain that I was laughing at Marissa's word choice, not at him. I'm not sure he entirely believed me.

That's almost as good as "soepkip!" (soup chicken!)
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A few photos from last night at my in-law's. This was just about midnight, after waking the kids up and trying to keep them awake for those last couple of minutes before the fireworks started. We cranked up the tunes, and away we went....

Well, some of us did. Lukas just thought we were a bunch of weirdos and opted to curl up in Opa's chair instead.

Yes, we are a family of colossal dorks. And? ;c)


Dec. 17th, 2008 12:44 pm
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As of 8 minutes to 8 o'clock this morning, I have a new nephew. :cD
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And now we just have to survive tomorrow. :c) The kids are happy with what they have so far. Both the kids got this book (boys' and girls', respectively), and I can't recommend them highly enough. Marissa is already busy reading about how to escape zombies, whistle with her fingers, make a drum, and win a staring contest. Wish I'd had this when I was a kid! The boys' and girls' versions are different, so I told them to team up and learn from each other. :c)

Lukas did a literal dance for joy when he got his Link plushie. Now he's off playing Super Mario Galaxy. There will be a few more gifts tomorrow, but for reasons of fairness we all agreed to limit the amount spent on the gifts, so all the kids get approximately the same stuff.

I'm just waiting to see if we get a new niece/nephew. My SIL is due any minute now, so we're all sitting on pins and needles in expectation. :c)
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Spent Saturday morning watching Lukas play football - his team got creamed with a final score of 10-0. It was the first match of the season, and the boys really haven't learned how to play as a team yet, so it's pretty frustrating to watch them all glom on the ball, leaving the poor keeper defenseless as goal after goal is kicked by the more organized team. Fred was talking to some of the other parents, and we all pretty much agreed that 1 hour a week isn't sufficient practice time, but in order to do more we'd have to find another place to play, since the fields are pretty much booked solidly throughout the week with various practice times for various groups. So we'll have to come up with something. As usual, Fred seems to be the only one willing to actually *do* instead of *talk*, but I'm hoping I can help him motivate some of the other parents. :cP

Then we hopped in the camper and headed off to the in-law's in Leimuiden, where we farted around for a couple of hours, ordered Chinese for dinner, and then took their boat out for something called the Gondelvaart on the Braassemermeer, which is one of the lakes near where they live. The Gondelvaart is kind of a cool celebration where people decorate their boats with special lights and effects, and then parade up and down on the canals from sunset until about 11 p.m.. We elected to park on the lake itself, which is where the firework boat was anchored, instead of along the canal. There are some gorgeous (EXPENSIVE) houses along there, and almost all of them were decorated with lights and had parties going in full swing on their private docks. On the other (public) side of the canal there were lots of beer tents and seating for people to watch from the street. It was quite a show in itself.

The canal was FULL of people in boats cruising up and down, and even though we weren't right on top of them, we could still see enough from our position. The lake was also very crowded with people partying like mad, dancing and drinking. They even have something called "party boats" which are long flat boats that have chairs and tables, beer, and VERY loud music. The boats just sort of aimlessly tottle around the lake, so at any given time, you can be assaulted with bad 80's disco, bad 80's metal, or bad 80's Dutch cabaret, all at top volume. It's....interesting. :c)

While waiting for it to get dark, the kids, Fred, and Oma went for a quick dip in the lake, but it was a little too cold for a leisurely swim. The kids also had a great time climbing all over the boat, making me nervous every time they slid along the narrow sides to go sit on the bow. Truth is they were steadier than I was!

Eventually the kids passed out below decks, so we woke them for the fireworks at around 11:00. Alas, although they were lovely to look at, the show only lasted about 15-20 minutes, which pretty much brassed off an entire lake full of boats who'd been expecting something a little more...MORE. Ah well. We had a good time. And piloting the boat back home in the dark, with hundreds of drunken revelers also headed for home, was also fun. :c)

This morning when I woke up, however, I could *still* feel myself bobbing around, and I have felt dizzy and off-kilter all day. I had nothing at all to drink except orange soda, but it feels very much like I have a bad hangover. Weird. Not my first time on a boat, either, so not sure what the deal it, but I'm hoping by tomorrow it's all over.

So that was our exciting weekend. How was everyone else's?


Aug. 19th, 2008 07:53 am
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So I'm looking through my ex's Facebook page, and I come across some pics of my oldest son that the ex has uploaded. Since said son wasn't able to come visit this summer, I'm more than usually eager to see the latest changes nature hath wrought on my oldest kid.

Then I got to this photo, and almost fell out of my chair. WILL YOU LOOK AT THE SHIRT HE'S WEARING???


I could die from shame. My only hope is that he hasn't actually *read* them. *headdesk*
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My youngest son is absolutely football crazy. It started shortly before the European Championship frenzy early this summer, and by the time Team Oranje were sent home in disgrace once again, his mild interest had turned into a full-blown obsession. He began to play both in and out of school with anyone, anywhere, at any time, for hours, no matter the weather. Posters of the EK team on his bedroom wall, learning the names of all the players for various teams, collecting trading cards, etc. I kept waiting for it to die down, for his attention to shift to something else, but it never did.

It's had a couple of consequences. Those of you on my flist who've been around for a while may remember the concerns we've had over his perceived weight problem. Well, this past week when I went to buy the first round of new school clothes, we got a happy surprise - he's come down an entire clothing size since last spring. This year I won't have to hem his pants up 6 inches. Yay!

The other consequence is that he's now found something that he likes to do that he's fairly good at, and that other kids his age recognize that he's good at, so lots of positive feedback from his peers has improved his self-esteem immensely.

So it wasn't really all that difficult a decision to sign him up for the local football club. We got him in a bit late, so he missed his first practice, but the coach said it wouldn't be a problem if he started with the first tournament.

So I make a trip to the local Sport Palais, and there's all this *stuff* to buy - uniform (home and away), socks, shin protectors, an "offical" AS80 ball, one of those undershirt thingies for when you practice against your own team, an official AS80 track suit, and of course a carry-all in which to put the aforementioned swag. I don't even remember what all it cost - I just shut my eyes, thought of the joy it would bring to my darling boy, took a deep breath and ran my card through the machine. I *do* know that the sign-up alone was something like 200 euros for the year. OUCH!

So I bought the equipment, and today was the tournament. It was decided to make it a family affair, so we all piled in my car and drove the 5 blocks to the football field. :cP Only once we get there, we realize that no one has remembered to bring his nicely-packed, shiny new sport bag. So I drop everyone else off to meet with the coach, and I race back to the house to get his stuff, muttering nasty imprecations all the while.

Then it hit me - I am now officially a "soccer mom." *gulp* I swore up and down when my oldest son was about this age that I would never, ever, EVER, become like those woman. I shook it off, telling myself that just because my kid played football, I didn't have to behave like SOME parents do. You know what I mean.

Anyway, he got dressed and after some initial confusion over which field was theirs, the fun began.

He played well, despite the fact they lost all three games (the games only last 20 minutes or so at this level), but he passed the ball along instead of hogging it (lots of kids just want to score, without realizing that it's a TEAM sport), and he stopped more than one goal from getting in by blocking the kick. He made a ton of new football-mad friends and had a wonderful time and the coach made a point of telling him how well he did. He even got a ribbon for playing in the tournament. So although I'm going to be spending a LOT more time at the football field than I ever wanted to for a while, it's absolutely worth it.

I'm still not going to buy a mini-van, though. Not ever.

Lukas with his souvenir from Venice - an Edwin van der Saar football shirt. *facepalm*
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So after a week of kicking butt on my house, I've decided I've earned a day out. So I'm gonna go here to Libelle Zomerweek and poke around for a few hours. Sorry I don't have a link in English, but essentially it's a yearly event put on here in Almere by Libelle, which is a Dutch weekly woman's magazine. It's become enormously popular, with literally thousands of women attending from all over the Netherlands. This years' theme is the Mediterranean, so lots of food, wine, song, shopping, and sun are to be had right on our local sunny beach. Should be fun. :c) I've never been before, and it's kind of a bummer that I have to go alone, but I'm excited about finally getting a chance to see what all the fuss is about. I'll take lots of photos and probably forget to post them, too. ;cP

The tidal wave of comments on the YouTube vid has finally died down to the point where I'm not afraid to open my email any more. Yay! The guy who posted a translation of the video wrote me to thank me for getting him an extra 40,000 hits. LOL! I am still wondering what on earth it is about a flying penis that caused SO much excitement. People musta been bored. :cP

My FIL just sent over some photos he took a couple of weekends ago when we were visiting. They board horses and ponies on their land, and one of the owners came to visit a horse she had just bought, and brought her little daughter Fleur with her. The kids had great fun playing with the baby and feeding her. Marissa also got to sit on the new horse, with Opa keeping a close eye on her.

Have a great Thursday!
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I mentioned way back in this post that I had more photos to share from that weekend, and in typical fashion, forgot to post them. ;cP So here they are. ;c)

Last year hubby and the kids began the Great Hut Building Project. Because we had such a cruddy summer weather-wise last year, it never got completely finished. We got it built all right, but not painted before the summer was over. We nailed the front door shut, and decided to wait until the following spring to paint it.

So fast forward to a few weekends ago, when we finally *did* get to paint the hut. My nephew Joris also happened to be staying over that weekend, so he helped the kids paint themselves one another the walls. Hubby had to finish up the roof, because none of the kids was tall enough.

Here are some photos:

The kids decide that green is an excellent color for camouflage.

On the job

Fred paints the roof. And it was pretty much as uncomfortable as it looks, he told me.

All done! Isn't it awesomesauce?

We celebrated by eating barbecue with Oma and Opa, and then heading home in a hot, sticky, green mess. It was great. ;c)

More photos and an update on the hut to follow shortly.
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Well, I went out rollerblading just to see if I could get my head out of my ass, and it worked to some extent. :cP

Anyway, here, FINALLY, are the photos of Marissa at her circus performance. Sorry for the poor quality, but I was pretty far back and I don't have the world's most powerful flash. If you click on the photos, they get a little bigger, so you might be able to see them more clearly. Anyway:

Sitting in the dressing room area, waiting to go on. She's dressed in her leotard for her first acrobatic stunts.

I don't know how well you can see this, but she's the one on the left sitting on the shoulders of another girl. Her best friend Bregtje sits on the shoulers of the girl on the right.

Climbing on the ball with wooden shoes and traditional Dutch clothing. In bare feet she can jump straight from the floor on to the top of the ball; she hasn't quite managed to do that with the klompen on.

Here's a better picture of the outfit. Again, I'm really sorry about the crap quality.

The photos from the Keukenhof are downloaded in the main computer, which I can't access from my laptop. Hubby has to transfer them over and he's kinda swamped with other stuff right now, so that will have to wait. I do, however, have photos from this weekend to share in a bit. :c)
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I've spent the last week in a haze of video games of one sort or another. :c) The whole family received a financial gift from hubby's grandmother (the one who had a birthday party we attended a couple of weeks ago), so of course it was burning a hole in the kids' piggy banks. I took them into town and while my daughter very sensibly bought a couple of inexpensive things, got her ears pierced, and still had some money left over, my son blew the entire amount (plus a little extra of his savings) on MySims for the Wii. I bought a couple of games for my DS, and we've been kind of glued to electronic devices since.

I have to admit I love MySims. I've never really gotten the hang of the regular Sims game, as my life is complicated enough without trying to create another one, but MySims is meant for kids, so it's bright and cute and colorful. And the kids can understand how it all works much better than the regular Sims they'd been playing. So do I, for that matter. ;cP It's positively addicting. I sat up until 1 a.m. last night building stuff. It's worse than crack.

Of my DS games, I bought a cooking game which is brainless enough to pass the time with and my daughter can do without having to ask me a bazillion questions, and Final Fantasy Crystal Caves, which is awesomesauce on a plate.

So yeah, I'm now officially a gamer geek. ;c)

In other news, we FINALLY made it to the Keukenhof this afternoon. The weather was lovely, even though we had a brief scare with a 15-minute downpour right before we left. Not all the tulips were in bloom, but there were daffodils and narcissi and crocus and hyacinth and lots of other things as well. I had no idea that tulips came in so many shapes, sizes, and colors. It's really a gorgeous place, and rightly world-famous. If you're ever in Amsterdam, I highly recommend it. It's only about an hour's away. It is, however, hideously expensive as all tourist traps are. 2.90 for a Coke! Lots of ugly "Dutch" souvenirs at ridiculous prices, that sort of thing. Bring your own food and skip the klompen pencil sharpeners and wooden tulips and you'll be fine. :c)

Took lots of pictures, and yeah, I remember that I still haven't posted the other pictures I promised. I got lost this week, but I'll try to get them up sometime this week, okay?
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My 8-year-old and my husband are playing Halo together.

Lukas: Okay, first you have to go around that big thing, right? And then I'll go this way to take out the gunner and then you can come up behind me and hit that other thing and it will all blow up so we can go up to the other level and find the turret. Do I make myself clear?

Fred: Uh....no.

Lukas: Oh well then, never mind. Just shoot the bad guys, Dad.

ETA: Now they're arguing over who gets to drive the car and who gets to shoot the gun. Fred wants to man the guns, but Lukas very sensibly argues that he's too young to drive, and he's actually yelling, "Just DRIVE Dad! I don't have a license!"

I'm on the floor here, tears of absolutely unholy glee running down my face.


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