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Yanno, I'm all about having some actual *heat* to the summertime, but for cryin' out loud, plz to be keeping the swamp air in the bayous, k? The humidity here right now is truly awful, and while I can see the clouds rolling in for what should be an awesome thunderstorm later this evening, the change in air pressure is also not fun for my sinuses. So pbtpbtpbptbtp! to the weather gods.

I was noodling around on the North Carolina real estate website again, and dreaming over this 1820's farmhouse on several acres of pastureland that I saw. Also the farmhouse on 10 acre with it's own lake. Looking at those photos makes me want to just hop on a plane This Minute instead of having to wait to do practical things like, oh, I don't know, sell the house we're currently living in, perhaps?

Details, details. ;c)

For those of you who are new to the list, we're planning on moving to the Raleigh/Durham area sometime within the next two years. I am dreading moving back overseas, because it was a nightmare the first time we did it, and we had help then. This time, we're on our own (i.e. no family to step in and help out).

But oh, to own some real land, to have a house that doesn't share walls with the neighbors, and to never, ever, have to hear "Heb Je Even Voor Mij?" again on the radio!

So, yeah...

Feb. 1st, 2008 01:17 pm
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It's another year, another birthday. I'm still waiting on my gifts, as Fred leaves for work at the dawn of ridiculous and neither the kids nor I wanted to get up at that hour so we could do the family thing. So tonight then. And afterward the plan is to go to Taboises for Mexican food and margaritas, which always makes me a happy girl. :c)

I did cheat a little and bought a book for myself (just what I need, ANOTHER damned book!) and a couple of magazines. I was also going to buy myself this amazing perfume I tested called Euphoria, but that'll have to wait until I transfer some funds into the account. Forgot to do that last night. Oops!

We've done some preliminary research into housing, and since we're looking to buy outright instead of financing, we're probably going to focus more on Raleigh than Durham. I found a freaking FARM there, 1.1 acres of land, barn, garage, separate in-law quarters and did I mention 1.1 ACRES OF LAND for $175,000! For those of you who didn't grow up in Southern California or the Netherlands, you probably have no idea why I'm so damned impressed with that, but from my perspective that's an enormous amount of your own space for almost no money at all. Yeah, okay, $175k isn't chicken feed, but try looking at Los Angeles property and see what $175k will buy you!

The plan is to move in a couple of years. We want to do our research first, and see what the hell this crazy economy is going to do before we haul our cookies across the ocean again. But yeah. It's sounding better all the time.
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So, if I were to move to, say, Durham, NC, anyone out there have any idea what I'd need to know? It looks like Australia is not going to work out for us, so our next choice is somewhere in the Durham/Raleigh area.



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