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Gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous. I'm not normally a big fan of retro 60's ANYthing, but I love this. Too bad we can't trade in our great beast for something a little more stylish. That'll have to wait until we can ditch the kids. :c)

Drool-worthy description here.
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For your interactive viewing pleasure, may I present Modern Living/Neurotica series.

Seriously, I'm finding it quite addicting. Or perhaps I shouldn't admit that.


May. 22nd, 2007 08:35 pm
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As promised, some links to organizations dedicated to ending violence against women:

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Following a post made by Joss Whedon, I found a link to a video that turned my stomach. In this video, a 17-year-old girl is kicked and stoned to death. By her own family. Apparently, her great "crime" was being seen with a young man of a different religion. In order to protect "family honor," various male members of her family decided to enact their own version of "justice." And then capture the whole thing on their cell phones, as an object lesson. The authorities, standing just yards away, did nothing.

Below is a link to a follow-up article on this story, and a link to an actual video made by one of the killers. I will warn you right now, the video is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC. I had to stop it halfway through because my dinner was threatening to come back up and decorate my computer.


I know that these kinds of things continue to happen in various pockets of the Muslim world, and while I'm always horrified when I read about it, this time I have some lovely visual images to go along with the story.

And I am going to do some serious research into organizations that fight violence against woman. And I will join the fight. Today.


May. 17th, 2007 01:23 pm
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And I almost forgot to remind ya'll - don't forget Towel Day! It's coming up on May 25th. Don't forget to wear your towel!


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