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"La Mécanique du Cœur, by the French rock band Dionysos, is both a novel and an album of accompanying songs, telling the tale of a young boy from 19th Century Edinburgh, born with a heart so cold that his witch-midwife replaced it with a clockwork one, so that he may live. A sad tale of Steampunk, then.

The video above is what clinched this for me, however, beautiful animation with a faint “Nightmare Before Christmas” feel to it, with the unfortunate young man finding that a clockwork heart can break just as easily as a real one. More animated cogs than you can shake a beautifully designed pagoda parasol at, and a particularly sad ending to this miniature narrative. I do not know what they’re singing, but I do not mind terribly - it’s perhaps even more lovely because of it. "

Via Brass Goggles
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Quick, before it disappears again....watch this wonderful bit of animation! :c)

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I must track down copies of this series...

Steam Trek

Aug. 10th, 2007 11:36 am
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I'm on a roll with these things...too bad I can't pick just ONE obsession. I'm such a dilettante at life.

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For all the steampunk fans on my flist...

More here


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