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I'm pretty sure it's an April Fool's joke, but it's well done and made me smile. :c)
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And finally, Shaun the Sheep has made it to the Netherlands, albeit with a funny accent and a new name, "Shaun het Schaap."

I do wish they hadn't changed the theme song, however. It's not nearly as cute in Dutch. :c/
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Okay, I read this on my flist first thing this morning, and it absolutely made my day.

The entry itself is f-locked, but [livejournal.com profile] cavalaxis kindly gave permission to quote it in its' entirety. Be sure to click the link at the bottom:

"So, I was all minding my own business, like, following Mom, and stuff, and... and.. this pride of lionesses came out of NOWHERE. And they chased Aunt Bertha and Mom and me and.. and.. I gave 'em hell, but they knocked me into the WATER. And I thought I was gonna DIE. There was like FORTY LIONESSES. On my HEAD. They tried to eat me ALIVE! But I was strong! Yeah! And we were fighting in the water and they were all, "Just give up!" And I said, "NO WAY!" And then the CROCODILES came! Yeah! Ten thousand of them! And they tried to chew me up and they got a mouthful of LIONESS too. And the the LIONESSES and the CROCODILES were all "No he's mine! I found him first!" and "Give it up, you pussies!!" and "No way, lizard boy!" and I was all "HEY! THAT'S MY LEG"!

And then!? DAD SHOWED UP. And KICKED their collective ASS!

Dude, check out this scar. So uh, what did you do for vacation?"

ETA: Repost, because I'm an idiot. :cP


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