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Snagged from [livejournal.com profile] adaveen because it's so darn cute. The kids basically interview themselves, and the results are pretty amusing:

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Because as everyone knows, you're not TRULY a star unless your hand/footprints are immortalized in cement in front of Mann's Chinese Theatre. :c)

This photo tickles me because I've spent so much time wandering around the courtyard of this theatre as a kid, looking at all the prints left by yesterday's most glamorous actors.

The wand prints are an especially nice touch, I think.

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Completed tangential to my previous post. Aren't they cute? Pizza and Coke (although I think Dan may be drinking something a bit stronger; it's hard to tell.)

ETA: My bad. I thought everyone would recognize this, but apparently not. This is one of the outtakes of the TeenVogue photo shoot of the Trio that just made the rounds. Oh, and on further examination, there is a group of the glass bottles like that next to Dan further up on the table, and those look to be filled with water, so maybe it's just some fancy-schmancy bottled stuff.

Here's the original link for those who didn't see it before.


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