Oct. 11th, 2008 04:51 pm
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But the point is so supposed to be that he's so other-worldy gorgeous. This doll? Not so much.

Nevertheless, you can order yours here.
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Today I did something I once swore up and down that I wouldn't do. I still don't know quite how I feel about it. A little guilty, a little brazen. A bit foolish, perhaps.

But I got so caught up in the moment, I just couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. I didn't plan to, but it was just...THERE.

So I did it anyway, and to hell with the consequences.

I bought a copy of "Twilight."

Yes, I did. I admit it. I wasn't going to; I've certainly heard enough and read enough cringe-worthy excerpts to know better. But what happened was this: I saw a copy of it at the bookstore, pulled it off the shelf, and started reading the first few sentences. AND I WANTED TO KEEP READING.

Even though I know how it all ends up by the last book. Even though I know it's ridiculously emo and anti-feminist and poorly written.

Does this make me a bad person? Should I hand in my "intelligent and literate" badge? Or is this some kind of new-fangled crack? Can I get away with blaming Stephanie Meyers for my weakness?

I'm having second thoughts about sharing my shame with ya'll. Even though you'll tell me that you don't think less of me, in my heart I'll KNOW. I'll know that you're all shaking your heads in sorrow at my slippery descent into the depths of depravity.

So be it. But I promise you this: I will NEVER sparkle. Not even a little bit.

Do you still love me anyway?


Aug. 23rd, 2008 11:46 am
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Alright, since I know absolutely *nothing* about the latest sensation sweeping my flist, could someone kinly point me in the direction of any good-quality Twilight fanfic? I don't care about pairings, since the only one I know about is the main one, i.e. Edward and Bella. Het and slash are bth okay.

I trust ya'll. :c)


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